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I am running a java web application on Java 6 and Spring 3.0.

I have properties file used by the web application and is loaded by the spring framework on server start.


I have requirement to use the properties values in java and jsp code. I am able to access the value in java using annotations provided in spring 3.0 : @Value("${test.url}")

To use the properties in JSP, I am trying to load the properties into servlet context, so that the properties can be referenced in the JSP directly

servletContext.setAttribute("props", properties);

In my jsp, when i print ${props}, it results the following ...


But when i print ${props.test.url}, it prints nothing (the same works fine for ${props.url}).

Is this an issue or am i doing something wrong. How can i get the ${props.test.url} work in jsp?

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Your EL syntax isn't quite right. Try this:


The ${props.url} syntax works due to a convenience syntax for addressing the contents of a map as though it were a javabean property, but it doesn't work when the map key itself contains a ., in which case you should use the full map-lookup syntax shown above.

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thank you very much. That worked. I am still it did not strike me :( – Johnny Apr 22 '11 at 18:38
You should accept answers when they solve your problem, Johnny! Thanks skaffman. – Tony R Jul 3 '11 at 7:38

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