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I have a load method loading some data. But its not liking how i am loading more than 1 parameter. Is there a way to load more than 1 parameter. Also I want to be able to get the selected index and place it where the 0 is with jquery(this).attr("selectedIndex")) is that possible. Here is my code.

   jQuery('#EntryForm').load('../IRElectricalBaselineEntryPage.aspx #contentBlockElectrical',
                { trainid: <%=Inspections[0].ID%> , inspectid: <%=Equipment.ID%> });

where that Inspections[0] I want to place jquery(this).attr("selectedIndex"))


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In jQuery(this).attr("selectedIndex"), what does this refer to? – Rocket Hazmat Apr 20 '11 at 16:00
That grabs the selected index from the select element. So if they chose the 2nd item the selectedindex would be 1. its 0 based. – user516883 Apr 20 '11 at 17:11
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{ trainid: <%=Inspections[0].ID%> , inspectid: <%=Equipment.ID%> }

This should work fine, but you may need to but the values in quotes.

{ trainid: '<%=Inspections[0].ID%>' , inspectid: '<%=Equipment.ID%>' }

If you want to use jQuery(this).attr("selectedIndex"), to get a value from Inspections, you'll need to save <%=Inspections%> to a JavaScript array first, then get the element you want. I don't know ASP, so I'm not sure how to do that.

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You have two options... 1. You can use the querystring like this...

$("#myDiv").load("PageName.aspx?myVarA=" + myVarAVal + "&myVarB=" + myVarBVal);
  1. Or you can pass in arrays of data - remember that this command is truly just shorthand for $.ajax ...

$("#myDiv").load("PageName.aspx", {myVarA : myVarAVal});

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../IRElectricalBaselineEntryPage.aspx #contentBlockElectrical

Take the anchor ("#contentBlockElectrical") off and that should work. Looks like you're confusing it about the URL where you want it to post the information.

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The #contentBlockElectrical part tells jQuery to only load that part of the page. – Rocket Hazmat Apr 20 '11 at 15:55

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