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I have some pushpins that are added by binding

<my:MapItemsControl Name="ItinerariesPushpins" ItemsSource="{Binding Itineraries}">

        <my:Pushpin Location="{Binding Location,
                    Converter={StaticResource LocationGeoCoordinateConverter}}"/>

And i want to bind the content to a collection of numbers, so that each pushpin has a number, is it possible or i am doing something wrong? I created an ObservableCollection and add the numbers there then i bind it.

Help please :(

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You simply need to put the content in the Pushpin in your ItemTemplate:

<my:Pushpin Location="{Binding Location, Converter={...}}"
            Content="{Binding}" />

This assumes that your ItemsSource Itineraries is simply a collection of some numeric type. If it's a class/struct then just add the right property name to the binding.

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