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Hey all, I have a model Thread that has_many Posts.

I was wondering with rails3 how i would go about Sorting the thread in descending order by which thread has the most recently created post.

In segments / pseudocode this is what i want to do

for each thread find the most recently created post somehow combine that post date with its associated post order my threads by this associated post date in ascending order

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I think the best and most perfomance solution here is to use touch option:

class Post < ActiveRecord
  belongs_to :thread, :touch => true

So you will able to find last active Threads as simple as:

Thread.order("updated_at DESC").limit(10)

What about query... You can try to find it via child objects:

active_threads = Post.includes(:threads).order("created_at DESC").all.map(&:thread).uniq
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