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Excuse me if I'm asking silly or easy question, but I just can't figure it out. So, I have a theme, I want to render only portlets, skipping any journal articles. Which is the most appropriate way to do it?

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In your theme's resources, there is a portlet.vm template available in the _diffs/template directory. This template allows you to override the default presentation of portlets in general (e.g. change the configuration icons, remove the title bar, ...).

However, inside portlet.vm Liferay injects a predefined variable called $portletDisplay. This is an instance of the com.liferay.portal.theme.PortletDisplay class and represents the portlet that is currently printed.

You can use the $portletDisplay.portletName attribute to check for 56, which is the ID for all Web Content Display portlets. So, in short, encapsulate the parent <div> inside portlet.vm with the following condition:

#if($portletDisplay.portletName == '56')
<div class="portlet" ...>
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