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I want to ask about resources for learning Qt for beginners. What resources do you recommend for that?

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Have also a look at the Qt programming videos on VoidRealms' Youtube channel.

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The transition from C++ to QT may seem bit awkward at first. But don't be afraid its somewhat easier than c++ when you get more familiar with it.

To start of I would like to recommend the first few videos of voidRealms youvideos on c++ QT to get a feel on QT framework. All of them are really good. Try to do the examples by your own. You will be quite comfortable with the framework after watching these videos.

Next if possible try to refer Foundations of Qt Development (Expert's Voice in Open Source) which is also a very good reference for QT. After going through few chapters you will be very accustomed to the Framework.

Reading C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 which is a usually recommended book will look good if you have this basic background on QT.

I would also like to recommend the On-line Reference Documentation which will give a great depth in to QT when going forward.

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QT course material by Nokia should be helpful as a fast introduction to QT

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As a recently beginner to Qt as well, along with the link Nawaz provided (which is where you should go to find all the info about all of Qt's differnt classes) I found the following links helpfull as well:

qt 4.3 tutorial

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 book (if you look you can find this book free to read on a handfull of sites)

Along with these, depending on your OS, you should download Qt Creator, its a great tool to begin learning how Qt works and how the differnt classes interact

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A bit newer (4.7) tutorial: doc.trolltech.com/4.7/tutorials.html –  user362638 Apr 20 '11 at 17:51

On ubuntu QT creator is available, dont know about windows. It contains lot of example. I learned about QT with QT creator.

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