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I have the following code, the only problem is that when the code gets to the nested while loop it skips it, I'm assuming the condition is not being met, but can anyone see something I amy have done wrong? I have verified that all the flags that I give to the script are correct and that the job_name is what I think it should be.

open $alOut,
     "/home/usr/bin/ -j EW-% -j RA-% -l 0 | grep `date \"+%m/%d/%Y\"` | sort -k 3,3|";
while (<$alOut>) {
    my ($job_name, $date, $start_time, $end_time, $duration,
        $state, $return, $expected_end_time) = split(/\s+/, $_);

    # Go to next iteration if jobname is EW-INTERNAL-AUTOSYS,
    if (($job_name eq "EW-INTERNAL-AUTOSYS") ||
        ($job_name eq "EW-INTERNAL-DB-LONGQUERY-ALERT") ||
        ($job_name eq "EW-INTERNAL-SYSUP") ||
        ($job_name eq "EW-CIIM-ADJ-TRIGGER") ||
        ($job_name eq "EW-S140-ADJ-TRIGGER"))

    #Expected Start Time
    open $alOut2,
         "/home/usr/bin/ -j $job_name -q -l 0 | grep -E `condition:|start_times:`";
    while (<$alOut2>) { .... }
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You should test if there are errors on open. – Toto Apr 20 '11 at 17:59
You might want to use while(defined(my $line1 = <$alOut>)) and while(defined(my $line2 = <$alOut2>)) here, otherwise you'll be using $_ for two different things in the same scope and that'll probably cause some confusion sooner or later. – mu is too short Apr 20 '11 at 18:11
That first comment in your code is a classical example for "how not to comment code". – Svante Apr 20 '11 at 20:46
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You should check for errors from open:

open $fh, ... or die "Can't open: $!";

And in this grep:

grep `condition:|start_times:`

you probably want regular single quotes ('), not backticks, the shell is going to try to run a command called condition:. And I think you are missing a final | in that command.

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You should always check the value returned by open:

open "...whatever..." or die "Can't open: $!";

That will probably tell you all you need to know, but offhand, I can see two problems:

  1. The second open isn't terminated by a | character.
  2. The backticks after the grep should be apostrophes.
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