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I want to use Blas and Lapack libraries to use some rutines, however I do not know how to use them in Visual C++ 2010.

How to use them in this context?

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Though I haven't used it, it appears that LAPACK has a C++ dll interface. See this site - scroll down to the section titled "Part 2: Using LAPACK subroutines in a Visual (Studio) C/C++ Project".

There are pre-built Windows binaries available.

If I understand correctly, a reference version of the BLAS is included in LAPACK.

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I would recommend using Armadillo, since it provides a wrapper for BLAS and LAPACK with a quite user-friendly syntax. – Mikel Urkia Oct 17 '14 at 14:55

If you're like me and have stopped using VS2010 and instead recently upgraded to Visual Studio 2013: here's a link to the BLAS and LAPACK dlls built for this platform. Currently only available for 64 bit though.

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