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I read that there is a realtime specification for a virtual machine executing java bytecode in real-time (RTSJ 1.1 in JSR 282). This makes it possible to execute Java code in real-time even on embedded devices with an RTOS like OS9 or WinCE.

Since I like C#, I was wondering if there is such a specification for C# also? Of course it makes no sense running this C# runtime from within Windows, but maybe there are some projects going on in the Mono camp? This would be a big market for C#. Do you agree?


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No, there's no parallel to RTSJ to date for C#. Some academic work (surprise!) on the topic, however:

And some halfway industrial interest which doesn't appear to go the full way to real-time.

Note the related (but not very helpful) discussion on SO here.

Given that RTSJ has struggled to get traction, I'm not sure what the demand for a very similar .Net equivalent might be. Perhaps as RTSJ gains credibility, the promise of increased productivity for modern languages in the time-critical world will grow and produce pull for a real-time C#/CLR.

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I also read this "halfway" thing but this is a very special case. It does not cover e.g. the parameter passing to methods that would leed to temporary objects that the GC would clean up at some time. I just found this: which looks very interesting if it works. My demand would be to do machine automation with C#. – schoetbi Apr 21 '11 at 5:29

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