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I have the following DB schema -

Community {Id, Name}
Category {Id, Name, ParentId}
Community_Category {CommunityId, CategoryId}

I'm displaying the list of categories grouped by their parents (where ParentId == null) as separate checkboxlist controls in webform, something like -

Category 1 Parent
(checkbox) Child 1 of Category 1 Parent
(checkbox) Child 2 of Category 1 Parent

Category 2 Parent
(checkbox) Child 1 of Category 2 Parent
(checkbox) Child 2 of Category 2 Parent
(checkbox) Child 3 of Category 2 Parent

Category 3 Parent
(checkbox) Child 1 of Category 3 Parent
(checkbox) Child 2 of Category 3 Parent

AutoPostback of these controls is set to true, and I've wrapped this in a user control. Everytime the user makes a selection, it fires an event and sends the selected categories as List in EventArgs. The ASPX page subscribes to this event, grabs the List and hits the database to find matching Communities. So far, so good but here's the twist - the communities that are returned must have at least one item selected in each parent category. It should do an 'OR' search within each category, and 'AND' search across categories. Here's what I have so far but it doesn't work as expected -

protected void ucCategoriesAccordion_CategoriesSelected(object sender, EventArgs e)
            var selectedCategories = (List<Category>) (((CommandEventArgs) e).CommandArgument);
            var categoriesAndCommunities = new Dictionary<Guid, List<Community>>();

            foreach (var category in Helper.AllCategories())
                var matches = selectedCategories.FindAll(x => x.Id.Equals(category.Id));

                foreach (var match in matches.Where(match => category.ParentId != null))
                    if (category.ParentId != null)
                        if (!categoriesAndCommunities.ContainsKey((Guid) category.ParentId))
                            categoriesAndCommunities.Add((Guid) category.ParentId, match.CommunityCategory.Select(x => x.Communities).ToList());
                            categoriesAndCommunities[(Guid) category.ParentId].AddRange(match.CommunityCategory.Select(x => x.Communities).ToList());

            var communities = categoriesAndCommunities.Values.SelectMany(x => x).Distinct().ToList();
            if (categoriesAndCommunities.Keys.Count == 1)
                var deletedCommunities = (from community in communities
                                          let communityCategories = community.CommunityCategory.ToList()
                                          from selectedCategory in selectedCategories
                                          where !communityCategories.Exists(x => x.Categories_Id.Equals(selectedCategory.Id))
                                          select community).ToList(); //It is checking for every item but I want at least one item selected in a parent.

                deletedCommunities.ForEach(x => communities.Remove(x));

I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me out here. Thank you!

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Please don't put "[ASP.NET C#]" in the title - that's what we have tags for. – John Saunders Apr 20 '11 at 18:39
Oops, sorry about that. – tempid Apr 20 '11 at 18:43
@user: not a problem, you're new here. Just thought you should know, as StackOverflow is not your usual "forum" – John Saunders Apr 20 '11 at 18:45

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