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I can have the post commit hook send out an email every time someone checks something, but can I limit that to only if people check something into the tags directory? Basically I want a notification when anyone promotes a release. My subversion is running on Windows. Any ideas?

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You get the repo and revision that was committed as the arguments to the post-commit hook.

Use svnlook to get the path of the files changed in the revision and see if it has tags and trigger your email.

 svnlook changed -r $rev $repo

The above will give lines that look like

A   trunk/app/file.cs

Use that info to see if tag was added and write you post-commit

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Yes, the first argument to the post-commit script is the repository path; look for <whatever>/tags in there, and only send email if you find it.

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repo path is local repository path on the server! It has nothing to do with the url – manojlds Apr 20 '11 at 19:18

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