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I've got a question that concerns the analyzing of HTML pages. For example there is an page, that contains information in tables that I need, and has some other information, but in text format. Currently, I'm using an regex (preg_match_all) in which I had to insert a pattern, hand made. Is there a faster/better way to do this. So the full question would be: is there a fast/good way to extract information from an HTML page that doesn't need me to use and edit parts of the source via a regex?

(Other information: I'm using PHP i.c.w. cURL to get the page's content, then I use preg_match_all to extract the data)

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Yes! You can load the content of the webpage into a PHP DOMDocument and fetch the data using html classes and IDs just as you would using Javascript.

Here is the documentation

You should start off by using


Then follow the documentation and it's examples

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Use any of the parsers suggested in this post. You should never use regular expressions to parse html.

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You can use dom.

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