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I am thinking about implementing authentication and user management using Ruby (or jRuby since I have not decided between the two at the time of this writing).

What are some good auth libraries available for Ruby/jRuby? Also since I am sort of a Ruby-newb, can I potentially use the same library for either ruby or jruby?

Thanks, Alex

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Take a look at


for a list of authentication solutions for Rails, ranked by popularity.

Devise is the most popular. Here's a useful tutorial and example app that shows how to set up Devise:

rails3-mongoid-devise tutorial and example

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I concur with Daniel. Devise works well for me across both MRI Ruby and JRuby in 1.8 and 1.9 compatibility modes. –  Scott Lowe Apr 20 '11 at 19:37

Sorcery is another auth lib, which was born a few months ago, authored by me.


It is not so much for newbies, but it gives much more flexibility since it is a bare-bones API instead of a complete MVC solution.

Not yet tried on jruby.

See tutorials in the github wiki.

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