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I'm installing libfreenect (OpenKinect) to interface the Kinect with Arduino for a tangible media project on Windows 7. I'm stuck at the compiling stage in VS2010 with 61 errors of this type.

Error   1       error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol 
__imp___glutInitWithExit referenced in function glutInit_ATEXIT_HACK    C: 
\Users\Laptop\Downloads\OpenKinect Drivers\OpenKinect- 
libfreenect-3b0f416\examples\glview.obj glview 

Full list here: http://goo.gl/EOrQQ

Here is a snapshot of CMAKE settings: http://goo.gl/uapTS

I have seen posts with similar errors but haven't found a known resolution, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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in the general case unresolved external symbol means you have a definition for a symbol that there is no declaration for. This is usually solved by adding the appropriate .lib or dll file to your linker imports.

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I know that the question was asked two years ago, but I struggled with the same problem, too and perhaps others will find it helpful:
As for the version and higher of the "libusb-win32"-library the name of the include files changed, I made a copy of the "lusb0_usb.h" header file and named it "usb.h" and copied it to the "system32" folder of Windows and the "VC/include" folder of Visual Studio. And also be careful that you supply the right path to the "glut32.h" (NOT "../include/GL") and copy the "glut32.dll" and the "phtreadVC2.dll" to the "system32" folder, too. Here is my "cmake" configuration:

enter image description here

After I build the "libfreenect.sln" project, it worked quite well and I could run the examples.

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