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I need to find a file(s) that begin with the character "prft" the name of this files is "prft0000.140", "prft2100.140", "prft1258.140"... etc. And I need to verify if this file(s) exists in a directory specific. So I have this Regex for find them, but I don't know how write the filter to match.

List<string> prftFiles = (new DirectoryInfo(filePath))
                        .GetFiles(".", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
                        .Where(a => Regex.IsMatch(a.Name, "prft[^*]$"))
                        .Select(fi => fi.Name)

this not work "prft[^*]$", so, How is it??

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Why use a RegEx when DirectoryInfo.GetFiles() already has a wildcard search pattern that can do 'starts with'? – Ian Mercer Apr 20 '11 at 19:42

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why not just do List prftFiles = (new DirectoryInfo(filePath)).GetFiles("prft*", SearchOption.AllDirectories)

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This is regex you could use

string pattern = @"^(prft\d{4}\.\d{3})$";

but you can find files by the wildcard and * like other guys said if you want exactly math for patter prft 4 digits . 3 digits you should use the regex because the prft* will find any files with name starts with prft

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+1 for apparently the correct answer. – sln Apr 20 '11 at 20:15

You actually don't need to use a Regex here, as the Directory class has a searching mechanism in the pattern you select.

Directory.GetFiles("C:\SomeDirectory", "prft*");

The * widlcard matches to anything.

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