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I try to build an app and i want to ask for permissions first, so the code below do just these but when it redirects, is transfer me in the domain i host the application.

Is it possible to set a custom redirect?

thanks a lot!

        <title>Client Flow Example</title>

        var appId = "YOUR_APP_ID";

        if(window.location.hash.length == 0)
            url = "" + 
                     appId  + "&redirect_uri=" + window.location +

        } else {
            accessToken = window.location.hash.substring(1);
            graphUrl = "" + accessToken +

            //use JSON-P to call the graph
            var script = document.createElement("script");
            script.src = graphUrl;

        function displayUser(user) {
            userName.innerText =;
        <p id="userName"></p>
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I guess you only have to change this part :

"&redirect_uri=" + window.location +


"&redirect_uri=THE_URL_YOU_WANT" +

But I'm not sure I understand your question correctly ? Could you clarify ?

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