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Have a CanvasThread that is run from an external SurfaceView, and I'm capturing touch events within my UI thread obviously. Basically my main UI thread is calling java/lang/Object.wait(JI)V for a HUGE block of time, almost 7,000 ms, at random times during execution. Not every time either. Just curious if anyone might have any idea why this Object.wait() is usually issued by the main UI thread? Thank you for any help! Can provide select code blocks if necessary, or a traceview of the app, just not the whole project as it's pretty bulky.

Also, I'm not doing anything on the Main UI thread after declaring the surfaceView and etc... except an asyncTask() that switches a few images in the background.

During these block periods the CanvasThread doesn't appear to be redrawing the canvas at all, as the screen doesn't change from its last frame. Just sits there while the code-behind logic keeps running, then it randomly returns and starts drawing to the canvas again. During this "frozen" period both my CanvasThread and AsyncTask continue as expected, but my main thread is not doing anything.

[edit] I'm actually thinking I was going about this trace the wrong way, and looking for the thread that stopped, but i started looking at the active threads like I should have been. I found that usually when Surface.unlockCanvasAndPost() is normally called from CanvasThread the Main thread kicks back with some activity while CanvasThread blocks out for a few ms. However during this "freeze" the unlockCanvasAndPost() isn't causing the Main thread to activate for some reason...and the CanvasThread just keeps working and then calling unlockCanvasAndPost() unsuccessfully I think.

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I can't understand what the problem is. Do you have any lags because of these calls? –  Michael Apr 20 '11 at 19:51
@Pixie apoligies, yes as I've edited during these block periods the surfaceview doesn't appear to be redrawn at all, as the screen doesn't change from its last frame. –  While-E Apr 20 '11 at 23:30
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