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I am trying to run this code where I have a list of lists. I need to add to inner lists, but I get the error TypeError: 'list' object is not callable. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong here.

def createlists():
    global maxchar
    global minchar
    global worddict
    global wordlists

    for i in range(minchar, maxchar + 1):
        wordlists.insert(i, list())
    #add data to list now
    for words in worddict.keys():
        print words
        print  wordlists(len(words)) <--- Error here.
        (wordlists(len(words))).append(words) <-- Error here too
        print "adding word " + words + " at " + str(wordlists(len(words)))
    print wordlists(5)
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Instead of:

print  wordlists(len(words))

you probably meant:

print worldlists[len(words)]

And instead of:


you probably meant:


Though this is just guessing.

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Got it... Thanks a tonne :) – user487257 Apr 22 '11 at 5:35

wordlists is not a function, it is a list. You need the bracket subscript

print  wordlists[len(words)]
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+1 for identifying that wordlists isn't a function (or some callable object) and hence can't be called with an argument(s), resulting in the given error. For a technical explanation of what makes a Python object callable, see If we want to get really technical about this, we use the square brackets because it is a list data-structure – Aaron Newton May 19 '12 at 8:36

You are attempting to call wordlists here:

print  wordlists(len(words)) <--- Error here.


print wordlists[len(words)]
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Try wordlists[len(words)]. () is a function call. When you do wordlists(..), python thinks that you are calling a function called wordlists which turns out to be a list. Hence the error.

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To get elements of a list you have to use list[i] instead of list(i).

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I also got the error when I called a function that had the same name as another variable that was classified as a list.

Once I sorted out the naming the error was resolved.

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Check your file name in which you have saved your program. If the file name is wordlists then you will get an error. Your filename should not be same as any of methods{functions} that you use in your program.

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