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i'm sure this is an easy one, but what would be the best way to randomize text from a string? something like:

$content = "{hey|hi|hello there}! {i am|i'm} {good|great}!";

how can i make the output like this:

hey! i'm good!
hello there! i am great!

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Talker strings, eh? – Marc B Apr 20 '11 at 20:54
just an example. it's actually for randomizing articles. – john Apr 20 '11 at 20:57

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Maybe try something like:

$content = "{hey|hi|hello there}! {i am|i'm} {good|great}!";

$randomOutput = preg_replace('/(\{.*?\})/s', function($matches) {
    $possibilities = (array) explode('|', trim($matches[0], '{}'));

    return $possibilities[array_rand($possibilities)];
}, $content);

Version for PHP <5.3

function randomOutputCallback($matches) {
    $possibilities = (array) explode('|', trim($matches[0], '{}'));

    return $possibilities[array_rand($possibilities)];

$content = "{hey|hi|hello there}! {i am|i'm} {good|great}!";

$randomOutput = preg_replace('/(\{.*?\})/s', 'randomOutputCallback', $content);
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PHP > 5.3 only. – Rocket Hazmat Apr 20 '11 at 20:59
thanks for that i was trying it on 5.1.6. @crozin maybe a solution similar for older php? – john Apr 20 '11 at 21:04
@john: I've added equivalent for older versions of PHP. – Crozin Apr 20 '11 at 21:38

If you use an array:

$greeting = array("hey","hi","hello there");
$suffix = array("good","great");

$randGreeting = $greeting[rand(0, sizeof($greeting))];
$randSuffix   = $suffix[rand(0,(sizeof($suffix)))];

echo "$randGreeting, I'm $randSuffix!";

Of course, you could also write the last line as:

echo $randomGreeting . ", I'm " . $randSuffix . "!";
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I would arrange the elements in an array... Something like This Live Demo.


$responseText = array(
    array("hey","hi","hello there"),
    "! ",
    array("i am", "i'm"),
    " ",
    array("good", "great"),
    "! "

echo randomResponse($responseText);

function randomResponse($array){
    foreach ($array as $item){
        if (is_array($item))
            $result.= $item[rand(0, count($item)-1)];
            $result.= $item;
    return ($result);
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