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For instance:


vector<_bstr_t> cellData;

Excel::_WorksheetPtr pSheet = application->ActiveSheet;

Excel::RangePtr pRange = application->Cells;

_bstr_t cellValue = pRange->Item[1][1]; //single cell




  • MFC
  • ATL


  • How to copy, multiple cells, for instance A1:B1, into the vector?
  • Is there a more appropriate method, instead of Item?
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I've never done any Excel automation using C++, but if it works similarly as VBA macros, the WorkSheet class should have a Range property that returns a range of cells in the sheet. You can specify what range you want either by giving two cells id, or a string representing the range.

Code in pseudo VBA:

Dim range As Range
Set range = ActiveSheet.Range("B12:D34")
Set range = ActiveSheet.Range("B12", "D34")
Set range = ActiveSheet.Range("B12", ActivSheet.Range("D34"))

See MSDN for more information about the Range class.

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