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I have a custom widget based on the Android Gallery view. It is slightly customized to show the elements from the left of the view without a gap and pass required events to my listener.

On the very first view layout everything works perfect. However when I pause and resume the activity the view freezes. It is visible, I can see OnTouch() event handlers working, view positions adjusted, but the picture is not changing. The OnDraw() method for the Gallery widget is not called at all! I have another widget in this layout (a sliding drawer) and as soon as I barely move the drawer everything starts working back again as it should.

I am completely out of ideas how to fix this. Tried different ways to force the OnDraw() method but it is just not working.

Any ideas?


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Make sure you override onDraw(android.graphics.Canvas) and not OnDraw() (both the Canvas argument and the lower case initial 'o').

If it's not that, then please post some code to look at it.

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I do not need to override onDraw(Canvas) method because I do not draw anything custom on the canvas. I've overridden the method only to put a trace in it and see if it is called. I've noticed that if I run hierarchy viewer for the layout it un-freezes and starts working. So it looks like requestLayout() is not called somewhere. Tried calling requestLayout() in different places without any sucess. – basv Apr 21 '11 at 6:16

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