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It appears the MSDN docs are broken concerning creating an Event Log completely along with a definitions file for messages. I am also lost on how to setup Categories (I have custom numbers in the 3000's for messages).

Can anyone point me to a link or show sample code on how to make this right?

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You should start (if you haven't done so already) here:

EventLogInstaller Class (System.Diagnostics)

The sample provided there is the foundation for what you want to do. To sum it up, build a public class inheriting from System.Configuration.Install.Installer in an assembly (could be the same DLL where you have the rest of your application, a separate DLL, or an EXE file), decorate it with the RunInstaller attribute, and add your setup code in the constructor:

using System;
using System.Configuration.Install;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.ComponentModel;

public class MyEventLogInstaller: Installer
    private EventLogInstaller myEventLogInstaller;

    public MyEventLogInstaller() 
        // Create an instance of an EventLogInstaller.
        myEventLogInstaller = new EventLogInstaller();

        // Set the source name of the event log.
        myEventLogInstaller.Source = "NewLogSource";

        // Set the event log that the source writes entries to.
        myEventLogInstaller.Log = "MyNewLog";

        // Add myEventLogInstaller to the Installer collection.

When you have your assembly compiled, you may use the InstallUtil tool available through the Visual Studio Command Prompt to run the installer code.

Regarding the message definition file (which includes category definitions), the MSDN documentation for EventLogInstaller.MessageResourceFile mentions that you should create an .mc file, compile it, and add it as a resource to your assembly. Digging around, I found an excellent post which should guide you to the end, here:

C# with .NET - Event Logging

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