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Is there any similar JS/HTML5 library for generating visualizations like Microsoft Pivot? I love the software but I don't like the idea of embedding SilverLight on page to use it. I have been looking at Raphael but I am too lazy to cook something up on my own.

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have you tried grapheal? –  Raynos Apr 20 '11 at 21:34
Try webpivottable. –  Sean Zhao Sep 27 '13 at 22:38

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Roger Noble is creating a real HTML5 PivotViewer alternative. Post - Sample

Impressive stuff. enter image description here

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webpivottable.com is a pure javascript pivot table solution. It supports csv data and all kinds of OLAP cubes. demo - documents –  Sean Zhao Sep 26 '13 at 14:51
webpivottable.com has zero support though and no one ever replies to emails –  pee2pee Jul 21 at 12:17

If you're trying to visualize the sorting and filtering of images like in a couple of the demos then try out isotope.js. It supports sorting, and filtering on multiple categories. The documentation is good and its flexible to what types of HTML elements you use.

If your trying to make a chart Protivis is one of the most full featured visualization libraries I've come across. It would be helpful to know exactly what kind of data your trying to represent. Either way I hope this helps.

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isotope.js is awesome! I would accept this as the answer soon unless someone comes up with something better in next 2 days. –  wrick Jun 21 '11 at 17:51

I've built an open-source Javascript Pivot Table. It's here: https://github.com/nicolaskruchten/pivottable

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Try out Flexmonster Pivot - web-based component for Pivot Reports. It uses Flash for performance which Javascript impossible to provide (it just crashes), so up to 100mb of data or millions of records are supported.

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Highcharts is excellent. It looks great (check out the website for images), and it

  • Supports lots of chart types, and you can combine them in one graph.
  • Easy to configure and use, using plain JSON.
  • It's smart about dates on x-axis, marking start of day/month/year automatically.
  • Animate in response to events in the graphs.
  • Built in zooming in a graph.
  • Compatible with all modern browsers, including IE6+ and iPad/iPhone.

And it's free for non-commercial uses.

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You can try icCube Javascript Pivot table, it's dedicated to OLAP Servers.

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how about an html5 lib? ZingChart

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Some of my coworkers have been using RGraph and are very happy with it. It's only a graphing library though, so it's probably not a full solution to your problem.


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You could try the jit and Flot

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JIT is great especially if you need tree representations. Check out their hyperbolic trees module.

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We've just released a pivot-table javascript with charting, free for non-commercial use.

It takes any json-valid data or javascript object array(s) as input, and allows querying by "dimensions" and "metrics" (ie: group-by, measures, sorting, filtering, etc).

Tee.Data.js: Tutorial and examples

TeeChart.js demos

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