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I was scheduled to begin work on a new project and decided to make my life easier by adopting a new technology that I had no experience with: Spring!

Specifically Spring Roo, and therein lies my problem.

Spring Roo does so much auto-magical stuff that I really do not know how to proceed. As this runs the risk of turning into a rant, let me be more specific and then follow it up with my question:

Spring works great for setting up my classes and persisting them with Hibernate and all that. The main problem I am having is in trying to scaffold my project.

I am working on a project that manages a few "set" references with many-to-many and many-to-one relationships. This immediately will have problem with the scaffolding application.

Trying to add Google Web Toolkit via 'gwt setup' kills the application immediately. Trying to load in Tomcat server becomes impossible and there is no way to undo the process (as far as I know). Now what? I have to restart my project from the original commands and reapply my changes as far as I can tell.

With this being said it seems to me that the best process is to use ROO to generate my project artifacts and then create my own View/Controller setup. Even here I am having problems though, because the tiles configuration seems so obscured from how it works. I am having a hard time figuring out how to take a custom JSP that can process some of these complex many-to-one relationships (AJAX enabled) and add it to my web front.

Are there any guides for this?

FYI: in the existing Roo Generated MVC I tried

  • Copying over my JSP
  • Creating a Form Backing Objects that wraps the different entity types
  • Modifying the views.xml file in the folder to recognize the page

One this was accomplished, though, I have been unsure how to proceed. How do I access my JSP? Manually typing the URL as it is defined in views.xml does not work.

Should I think about abandoning Roo altogether and starting a Spring project from scratch?

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Bet way to learn Spring Roo

Using Spring Roo for scaffolding

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Thanks for the checklist. I will disagree with one point: posting in the forums. As of this writing they are pretty dead and trying to get an answer there is far less likely than getting one in SO. –  IcedDante May 18 '11 at 16:17

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