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I'm making a toolbar on C# for IE and I need to access a certain frame within the website. On my initial tests, I'm just trying to cycle through the frames and have a MessageBox popup with the name of the frame. But I'm encountering an exception whenever I try to do it, saying "Access is denied". The full text of the exception is:

Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))

Here's the code:

IHTMLSelectionObject currentSelection = myHTMLDocument.selection;

IHTMLFramesCollection2 frames = (IHTMLFramesCollection2)myHTMLDocument.frames;

for (int i = 0; i < frames.length; i++)
    object refIndex = i;

    IHTMLWindow2 currentFrame = (IHTMLWindow2)frames.item(ref refIndex);

    if (currentFrame != null)


From my searchs on the web, I found out that this is, in fact, not a bug. It's expected to behave that way. My question is: what is the correct way to do what I'm trying to do?

Thanks in advance!

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I've seen this: support.microsoft.com/kb/196340 , but I don't know if there is a more complete example in C#. –  Josicoco Apr 20 '11 at 22:00

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