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So, I am been playing with Cassandra, and have setup a cluster with three nodes. I am trying to figure out how redundancy works with ConsistencyLevels. Currently, I am writing data with ConsistenyLevel.ALL and am reading data with ConsistencyLevel.ONE. From what I have been reading, this seems to make sense. I have three Cassandra nodes, and I want to write to all three of them. I only care about reading from one of them, so I will take the first response. To test this, I have written a bunch of data (again, with ConsistencyLevel.ALL). I then kill one of my nodes (not the "seed" or "listen_address" machine).

When I then try to read, I expect, maybe after some delay, to get my data back. Initially, I get a TimeoutException... which I expect. This is what one gets when Cassandra is trying to deal with an unexpected node loss, right? After about 20 seconds, I try again, and now am getting an UnavailableException, which is described as "Not all the replicas required could be created and/or read".

Well, I don't care about all the replicas... just one (as in ConsistencyLevel.ONE on my get statement), right?

Am I missing the ConsistencyLevel point here? How can I configure this to still get my information if a node dies?


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It sounds like you have Replication Factor (RF) set to 1, meaning only one node holds any given row. Thus, when you take a node down, no matter what consistency level you use, you won't be able to read or write 1/3 of your data. Your expectations match what should happen with RF = 3.

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You are right! I did not have my replication factor set at the keyspace level, which is where I guess I have to set it. I thought the reads and writes individually handled how data was replicated. I upated my keyspace, and it seems to be work fine now. Thanks!! – John Galt... who Apr 21 '11 at 20:48

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