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Very quick question. I want to copy & paste textual data into the source code from the separate file using include directive.

Is it legal?

struct Record; // collection of data fields

Record rec = { #include "some_big_record.txt" };

int numbers[] = { #include "some_long_sequence_of_numbers.txt" };

It works on my box (GCC), but is it portable?


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This is portable:

Record rec = { 
#include "some_big_record.txt" 
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Good to hear that. Are white spaces allowed before #include? –  pic11 Apr 20 '11 at 22:54
@pic11 Add the spaces after the #. Like this: # include "data.txt". Edit: Just checked, actually it doesn't matter. See this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/789073/indenting-defines. –  svens Apr 20 '11 at 22:57

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