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I want to set up my route as follows:


I want VAR to be a variable that gets passed IF subdomain exists as a value in a record. In other words, the controller for that show action would be able to grab params[:id] as the value "VAR"

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I am not sure what you need exactly. But from what it appears you are trying to obtain a record based on the subdomain and based on the record found you want to further process the value passed as VAR.

A simple route would be something like:

map.posts_with_slug    "/:slug", :controller => "posts", :action => "show"

Handling of subdomain needs to be done separately:

class ApplicationController
  before_filter :ensure_domain

  APP_DOMAIN = 'myapp.mydomain.com'

  def ensure_domain
    if request.env['HTTP_HOST'] != APP_DOMAIN
      # HTTP 301 is a "permanent" redirect
      redirect_to "http://#{APP_DOMAIN}", :status => 301

Source code example used from Heroku Docs for handling custom domains.


Hope this helps.

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