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I'm wondering if I can use jQuery to recode HTML that's entered into a form. For example, I would like to "stripe" HTML table code that users manually enter into a form text area. If the textarea has an id=tablecode it does not work to do

$('textarea#tablecode tr:even').addClass('table_even');

Is there some way to use jQuery to manipulate the html that the users enter into the form box? or do I need to submit the form to the server and then use regular expressions in PHP to add my classes? Thanks.

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Not directly since the contents of the text area are just text..

You can however read the value of the textarea and create an in-memory representation of that (as long as it is valid html), and process that.

  var $html = $( $('#tablecode').val() ).wrapAll('<div />').parent();

    // manipulate html
  $('tr:even', $html).addClass('table_even');

    //show altered html in another textarea with id=result

demo at http://jsfiddle.net/gaby/f4FuG/

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Thanks, worked perfectly –  Sharon Apr 21 '11 at 3:30


var code = $('textarea#tablecode')[0].value;
var parsedHTML = $(code);

there you have a jQuery object wih the parsed HTML. Then you can manipulate it

$("tr:even", parsedHTML).addClass('table_even");

And optionally put the changes back in the textarea.

$('textarea#tablecode')[0].value = parsedHTML[0].outerHTML;
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You'll need to pull the text out of the textarea and create a DOM node out of it. (Then you could serialise it back into a string and put it back in the textarea, if required.)

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IDs apply to individual elements. They must be unique. Try changing the id to a class, and change your # to a ..

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Probably best as a comment. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Apr 21 '11 at 1:49

textarea model is a plain text. So this selector $('textarea#tablecode tr:even') will simply not work.

You will need to pass your text to html parser in order to get DOM. Then modify it. Then serialize it back to HTML.

This Robust, Mature HTML Parser for PHP can be useful.

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