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I want to make a content slider similar to this site, but a bit simpler.

This is what I came out with so far. But I am stuck:

1. I want to change the position of the slider handle when an ajax page is loaded. the width of #content-holder should be extended when the ajax page is loaded, from 1500px to 2000px (depends on how big the ajax page is).

2. the #content-holder should slide to the left when the ajax page is load so that this ajax page will always visible when it is loaded.

3. when the ajax page is closed. the slider handle should go back to the original position. and the width of #content-holder should be contracted back to the original (1500px).

You can read the code in my jsfiddle here.

Any ideas how I can achieve these 3 points?


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so you have the slider part working correctly and just need help with the formatting part once the ajax request loads and is closed? –  jyore Jul 10 '11 at 12:37

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