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I'm doing chat system with nodejs. To create a node server I can either do use net or http module. So what the different and benefit for using each of them ?

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http is built on top of net (which handles the TCP layer underlying HTTP).

I imagine that your "chat system" will have browser-based clients, since node.js isn't great for GUIs/desktop apps at the moment. If that's the case, you'll most likely want to use http.

A node.js chat server has already been made - node-chat. You could build yours on top of this, or take a look at its source code for some ideas.

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the node-chat example is not so good. It uses long-polling technique instead websocket. And when using long polling, sooner or later the browser will crash due overhad of http request. I was taking the websocket approach, and ultilizing flash socket as fallback for unspported browser. –  angry_kiwi Apr 21 '11 at 6:47

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