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I have this seemingly simple piece of PHP in my website:

if ($sid=="83893")
  $survey="Survey Name";

That should make $survey "Survey Name," right?

Later in my page, I have

<h3>Thank You For Participating In The <?php echo $survey; ?></h3>

If the user goes to mypage.php?sid=83893, instead of it echoing "Survey Name" it doesn't show anything? Why is this?

As expected, if I simply put

Thank You For Participating In The <?php echo $_GET["sid"]; ?>

It writes the sid, but why won't it output $survey?

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You don't have any variable $sid in your code. In your IF clause you should have $_GET['sid'] == "83893" –  yogsma Apr 21 '11 at 3:22

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You're never creating the variable $sid or assign anything to it.
Guess you're looking for $sid = $_GET['sid']; or simply if ($_GET['sid'] == 83893).

Note that you should check whether $_GET['sid'] actually exists before using it with isset($_GET['sid']). Note also that you should turn on error reporting during development, it would have helped you to catch this problem.

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$sid = $_GET["sid"];

Then it will work, as you never define what $sid is

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Your answer is

$sid = $_GET['sid'];
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Your code should be:

$sid = $_GET["sid"]; 
if ($sid == "83893")
  $survey="Survey Name";

then later you can say:

<h3>Thank You For Participating In The <?= $survey ?></h3>
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