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var Validate = {

 *  validates that the field has been filled in
 *  @var value {mixed} - value to be checked
 *  @var paramsObj {Object} - parameters for this particular validation, see below for details
 *  paramsObj properties:
 *                          failureMessage {String} - the message to show when the field fails validation 
 *                                                    (DEFAULT: "Can't be empty!")
Presence: function(value, paramsObj){
    var paramsObj = paramsObj || {};
    var message = paramsObj.failureMessage || "Can't be empty!";
    if(value === '' || value === null || value === undefined){ 
    return true;

actually i tried to change paramobj in here what i wrote is

        Validate.Presence(true,{ failureMessage: "You must be true!" })

why is it return alert undefined? what cause the error?

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Try using:

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