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I'm trying to get an understanding of strace.

So I figured a very hands on way would be to do the following:

strace ``echo "1"'' > echo1.txt

strace ``echo "2"'' > echo2.txt


diff echo1.txt echo2.txt

And go from there. The idea being, that if I can see the difference in the output, I can deduce a great deal of what strace is telling me.

Unfortunately, the echo1.txt and echo2.txt only contained the output from the echo, not the strace. I can just copy/paste the output manually, then run a diff, but now I'm simply curious about what I did wrong.

Can someone help?

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strace prints to stderr, not stdout. You need should redirect with 2> echo1.txt in order to redirect stderr to a file, or just use strace -o echo1.txt to explicitly write the strace output into that file.

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hell yes, perfect answer, thanks buddy –  Kevin Apr 21 '11 at 3:35

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