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How do I define my own feedback messages in Wicket? For example: if I give an incorrect username, I want to get an error message like "The user name in incorrect, try to login again." instead of using the default error message.

What would an example be like?

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You can display your own error messages using error() and warn() and info(). If you want to show errors dependent on validators or the required flag you can define a properties file with the same name as the class which contains a mapping of field -> message. For example:

Form form = new Form("myform");
form.add(new TextField("name").setRequired(true));
form.add(new PasswordTextField("password").setRequired(true));
form.add(new TextField("phonenumber").setRequired(true));

Required=Provide a ${label} or else...

All required fields have to provide a name

The field name in the form myform when it is required.

password.Required=You have to provide a password

Any field with the name password when it is required.

phonenumber.Required=A telephone number is obligatory.

Any field with the name phonenumber when it is required.

This shows a variety of ways of setting a feedback message for specific components.

You can also put the properties files next to the following component level (in order of importance, top highest):

  • Page Class
  • Component Class
  • Your Application Class
  • Wickets Application Class

Hope that helps

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How does it work with messages of Validators? You used just the setRequired method. – user1090145 Jan 12 '12 at 21:32

@user1090145: I've used overloaded Component's error() method in Validator's class:

private void error(IValidatable<String> validatable, String errorKey) {
    ValidationError error = new ValidationError();

and invoked it in validate() by

error(validatable, "your-form.field.text-id");

Properties your-form.field.text-id must be defined in

Sources: Create custom validator in Wicket and Form validation messages

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you should set Feed back message to Session

message = "message";
Session.get().getFeedbackMessages().success(null, message);
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You can use an anonymous IValidationError class and the messageSource.getMessage method to get a custom message from your property file:

error(new IValidationError() {
    public Serializable getErrorMessage(IErrorMessageSource messageSource) {
        //create a list of the arguments that you will use in your message string
        Map<String, Object> vars = new HashMap<String, Object>();
        vars.put("invalidUsername", getInvalidUsernameInput());

        //get the message string from the property file
        return messageSource.getMessage("mysettings.invalid_username", vars);

Sample property file:

mysettings.invalid_username=The user name "${invalidUsername}" is incorrect.
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