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I am currently working a setup for in-app billing on one of my applications. Is there a way to set up purchases without a product list on the Android Market side? Essentially, I want to do what I am allowed to do in most other merchant APIs, send the product name/id/PRICE/etc to the merchant and get back a response from them if the payment went through or not.

I have too many products to manually add each item to the Android Market Publishing area and want to send the user to the in app market request with a custom title, description, and price (most important), and have Android handle that.

Any ideas?

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It sucks right now, It will give you very hard time. Give them time to screw those guys who are project leads of in-app billing because doc is very very vague. They describe every thing about the inner architecture (which usually we don't want to know) and they don't bother to tell the very important information about how it works. They provided an example that really sucks and is very very complicated. They put all the classes under one head Service... and it really sucks in debugging. – AZ_ Jun 2 '11 at 16:44
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No you can't.

The reason for this is security. Someone could hack your app and add a new product/ change your product prices, but defining them on the market; they would have to hack your app and have your login for the android market.

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