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The following class is registered in the Windsor Castle container:

namespace MyNamespace
    class Foo : IFoo
        public Foo(ILog log)
             _log = log;

ILog is a log4net logger, currently registered like this:

    () => LogManager.GetLogger(Assembly.GetCallingAssembly().FullName));

I would like to create a logger named like the calling type (in this case "MyNamespace.Foo") rather than like the calling assembly. Is there a way to do it, except for using reflection to play with stack frames?

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have you looked at the logging facility in castle? –  Can Gencer Apr 21 '11 at 6:50
See stackoverflow.com/a/13388644/25702 for possible answer to this –  David Gardiner Feb 9 at 4:23

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The castle windsor logging facility does what you want. It has integration with log4net or NLog already (see: how to set up logging facility).

If you are curious still, you can examine the source code to see how exactly it can be done. Take a look at the log4net Integration source and the logging facility source and especially at the LoggerResolver class (which does the name resolving).

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