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I developed one web applications using struts. Now when i tried to run in another machine I am getting the following error. Following is taken from glassfish server log

SEVERE:  INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Parsing configuration file [struts-default.xml]

SEVERE:  INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Unable to locate configuration files of the name struts-plugin.xml, skipping

SEVERE:  INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Parsing configuration file [struts-plugin.xml]

SEVERE:  INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Parsing configuration file [struts.xml]

SEVERE:  INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Loading global messages from ApplicationResources

Also in the browser I am getting java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetExceptionthis message. Please tell me where the problem lies.

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Show more of the stack trace (or all of it). – Quaternion Apr 22 '11 at 2:34
Did you solve your problem? – Cemo Oct 7 '11 at 7:37
@Sessizlik Nope. I tried several ways but no use. When I was trying same program in Ubuntu it worked. Have you solved it? – scooby Oct 7 '11 at 12:29
I havent also solved this problem. My application is working like a charm at Jetty, but not at Glassfish. My application have not been working at maven glassfish embedded v3 but working standalone glassfish server. I have noticed a few things too. First Spring could not find related configuration files which are at my classpath. Struts has same trouble. I think that there is a serious bug at classload or our applications is not completely loaded by container. – Cemo Oct 7 '11 at 18:14

This seems to be a similar problem to what is described in this article:

It appears to be a GlassFish bug to incorrectly put "SEVERE:" before the log message that actually starts with "INFO".

FYI I came across this with SL4J and Glassfish 3.1. The exact same code logging via the JUL logger works perfectly, and then you get the "SEVERE:" when you swap it out with a proper logger.

Sadly I have not been able to find a resolution, and will post it when I find it. It is equally possible that they re-fix the bug in the next version of GlassFish.

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