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Hi I am working with MQFTE. I need to know more in detail about how mqfte works and what are the internal process that takes place during a operation.

The IBM links about mqfte/red books is good , but it doesn't have in depth contents.

Could you please suggest me some links/ebooks to know more about mqfte and mq?.

Thanks in Advance......

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Unfortunately, not too many 3rd party links and the only books I am aware of are the few Redbooks. However, this will be a start:

WebSphere MQ FTE Home Page
WebSphere MQ FTE Infocenter
WebSphere MQ FTE Fix List
IBM Redbook: Getting Started with WebSphere MQ FTE

WebSphere training (Including WMQ FTE)

WebSphere MQ product page
WebSphere MQ v7 documentation
WebSphere MQ v6 documentation
WebSphere MQ Requirements
WebSphere MQ Recommended Fixes
WebSphere MQ SupportPacs
Websphere MQ 6+ Certification Book - Links to resources for self-study

developerWorks article Securing WebSphere MQ FTE
developerWorks Mission:Messaging column has in-depth articles on some of the trickier areas of WebSphere MQ family products.

T-Rob.net has a collection of WMQ security info, links, articles and all back-episodes of The Deep Queue podcast.

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Thanks T rob.... –  trilawney Apr 28 '11 at 7:25

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