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I have a < select > field and a button in index.html:

<select id="mylist"></select>

<input type="button" id="btn" value="update">

The following javascript will update the options of the < select > field when button is clicked:

var btn=$('#btn');
     var optionList = GET_OBJECT_LIST(); //get an array of Object, object has id & name
     var select  = $("#mylist");


     for(var i=0; i<optionList.length; i++){
       select.append("<option value=" + optionList[i].id+ ">" + optionList[i].name + "</option>");


Things are fine until now.

Then, I would like to implement the feature that after options are updated, when mouse click on an option in the <select> field, I can get the object id (i.e. the <option> value) of the selected option. How to do it??

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id is not value. They're distinct properties. – Blender Apr 21 '11 at 6:33
@Blender, if you check my post carefully, the id here is the object.id, I would like to get the object id of the selected option which represents an object in my case. I use <option value=object.id> in purpose. What I need is to get this object.id when mouse clicked on a certain option. – Mellon Apr 21 '11 at 6:35

This might work (not sure if it returns an array or not, so you'll find out):

$('#mylist').change(function() {
  var selected = $(this).find('option:selected');

  // Foo.
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Hi, I can get the selected option value (i.e. the object.id) by access "selected[0].value", but what does this 0 means? – Mellon Apr 21 '11 at 6:47
[0] is the array index. You can select multiple items, so they will be aggregated in the array. You can use .find('option:selected:eq(0)');, if you'd like, as it selects the first selected item. – Blender Apr 21 '11 at 15:00

I figured out to use the following code which fits exactly what I want:

$('#mylist').change(function() {
  var selected_object_id = $(this).find('option:selected').attr('value');
  console.log(selected_object_id); //it directly returns to me the selected option represented object id
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