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I am working on a Struts 2 application .I have a JSP page in which there is a normal html table. In one of the columns , I have a link called 'update' . When I click on the 'update' , a new popup window will open and the pop up will have many other details of the current row (which means it has to pass through some action and fetch data from database).

There is a Submit button in popup , which when clicked , must submit the edited data .

How do I create this popup in struts 2?

Should it be the same form as the parent window or a different one ?

It would be of great help , if you can give links to some tutorial . I am not able to find it in google search .

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Its a problem related to javascript not struts2.I guess you must be using this syntax in the table definition for link update .

<tr><a href="javascript:update('<s:proerty value="anyValueYouwantToSend"/>')">Update</a></tr>

where anyValueYouwantToSendmay be some identifier value you want to send to identify the particular row Then in Javascript

function update(value){
  var url="myAction?someVariable=value";,"_blank","directories=no, status=no,width=1400, height=870,top=0,left=0");

where myAction will be the action in which you are going to do your database stuff.In the action mapping of this action you need to give result to a jsp which is going to be your pop-up window.And of course popup window will have a different form to submit, however the update you perform here will be reflected in the parent window only when you refresh it.If you want to reflect these changes without refreshing the parent window you need to write some parent child javascript, which i can help you to do if you want

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Hi anu , I will be glad if you can provide me references to parent/child javascript. That is exactly what I want . – vinoth Apr 26 '11 at 10:13
Communicating from child to parent is simple, just use "window.opener" object.Take a look here. Communicating from parent to child is done by using the variable declared in the window open statement. "var,options);" .Now you can use childObj to communicate with child window – anu Apr 26 '11 at 10:56
yeah thanks. I ll look into that. – vinoth Apr 26 '11 at 11:12
Hi anu , one more doubt , When I click on Submit button in the pop up, it should submit the data , and close the popup window . How do I close the pop up window ? I am using what you have given above , not the parent child stuff. – vinoth Apr 26 '11 at 14:13
use a simple html button not struts2 submit button and call a javascript function onclick of that button.Then in that function put these lines document.yourFormName.submit();window.close();.This will submit the form and then close your window.Feel free to ask if you have any confusion – anu Apr 26 '11 at 14:50

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