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Suppose we start from the default new WPF project with App.xaml/cs, MainWindow.xaml/cs What's the order the application execute these codes. Parse App.xaml -> run App.xaml.cs -> parse MainWindow.xaml -> run MainWindow.xaml.cs? and how about the execution of Resource.Designer.cs and Settings.Designer.cs in Properties?

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Every dotnet application (PE files) start with an Entry point which is Generally "Main" but in wpf you can't see this because studio hides it's from the user as it is quite messy code. you'll know yourself the execution flow once you find the Main method. For that look at the following image enter image description here

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btw, whats the different between *.g.cs and *.g.i.cs? –  demaxSH Apr 21 '11 at 7:02
I think g.ic.cs is a template for generating g.cs. But Not sure. Maybe you could find and write your solution here :) –  Int3 ὰ Apr 21 '11 at 7:10

As Int3 user says, the Main method is located at App.g.cs and goes like this

public static void Main() {
    YourAppNamespace.App app = new YourAppNamespace.App();

Which means you'll get the App constructor executed before anything else.

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