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I have a contain statement that looks like this:

        'Theme' => array(
            'Polygon' => array(

The Polygon table has (among others) the fields 'theme_id' and 'wijk_id' (which is the primary key of Wijken).

What I want is to only fetch the Polygons that match with wijk_id.

So in my head, this would be achieved by adding the following to the Polygon-array:

'conditions' => array('wijk_id' => $this->Wijken.id)

However, this doesn't work. When I hardcode the value to 1, it works and I only get the polygons for wijk #1.

So my question is; How can you use the parent's model (Wijken) variable in another model's conditions variable (Polygon). Or should I add special rules to my models?

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Pass the contain settings when you make a call to find() instead. This will allow you to dynamically pass the Wijken id. ie:

function view($id) {
    // assuming $id param is a wijken id
    $contain = array(
        'Theme' => array(
            'Polygon' => array(
                'conditions' => array('Polygon.wijk_id' => $id),
    $conditions = array('Wijken.id' => $id);
    $wijken = $this->Wijken->find('first', array('contain'=>$contain, 'conditions'=>$conditions));
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Wijken.id doesn't have to be filtered. What I want is all Wijken, with corresponder themes and polygons.. where the polygons need the wijken.id (wijk_id in their table) condition. –  Gerben Jacobs Apr 22 '11 at 6:38
That's what the code above will get you. Just do a find('all', array('contain'=>$contain) –  Tyler Apr 22 '11 at 15:04

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