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I am doing some research in encryption/software protection. I want to link dynamically encrypted shared objects (Linux, x86 Architecture, ELF32/64 format)

  • The code to be protected is contained (encrypted, no valid ELF) in the shared object.
  • The object itself is a valid ELF-file, containing an init method
  • The decryption should be started, dependend on a available license in the init function called by the loader.
  • After encryption the code is present as valid ELF-file in memory.

There were some further requirements:

  • The decrypted code must not be stored (even temporarily on disk) - prevent easy object dump and code reuse
  • The protection algorithm must not be published, so I may not use parts of the GNU code (even people do a great work there!)

I think the hard way is to reimplement a loader/linker providing the needed functionality... Perhaps there may be a way to use the Linux rtld, or parts of it, other linkers? Is there an easier way?
Thanks for every idea/hint

Some related links/Infos

Thanks in advance, -- Uhli

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don't go that way kid ... –  ydroneaud Apr 21 '11 at 13:51

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Take a look at Shiva if you're interested in this. There was no source code released to the public but the theory is still there.

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A long time ago, Phrack featured an article on ELF encryption. Also a long time go, there was a program called BurnEye to encrypt ELF binaries.

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I was told that there also exists a tool called burndump available at link stripping the protection... –  Uhli Jun 14 '11 at 6:37

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