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Which parts of C# .NET framework are actually parts of the language?

There are some features of C# that require specific type (“the type has to implement System.IDisposable”). Other features are based on patterns (“any type that has something that looks like a method called Select() with the proper signature”).

What is the minimum set of types that C# requires from the library (the former case above)? How does that differ from other languages like VB.NET and F#?

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IDisposable is an interface, .Net provivdes interfaces as a means to develop contract based APIs rather than relying on concrete classes. Eg, It lets you say, 'any type as long as it has a method called Dispose()'

This is nothing much to do with the C# type system nor it's primitive types.

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"Any type as long as it has a method called Dispose()" is different from "any type that implements IDisposable". –  svick Apr 21 '11 at 7:46
It has everything to do with the C# type system, as the C# spec requires it for the using statement. That's the point of the question: if you were to implement the C# spec on a different platform, which types would you have to have? –  Jon Skeet Apr 21 '11 at 7:49

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