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I want to create a SAS macro which takes a literal date (eg. '31may2011'd) as parameter. Inside the macro I want to transform this into a SAS date value (eg. 18778).

%macro transLiteralDate2Value(literal=);  
  %put literal = &literal.;  
  %put sasdatavalue = ???;  /* how to calculate this value ? */  

Is the are elegant way to achieve this? Of course I could do this by parsing the literal string, but I think there must be a better way.

I use SAS 9.1.3

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You can do it using the %sysfunc macro function.

%macro transLiteralDate2Value(literal=);  
  %put literal = &literal.;  
  %put sasdatavalue = %sysfunc(putn(&literal.,8.));
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Cool - I had "sysfunc" in mind but did not find the correct way... – TechnoCore Apr 21 '11 at 8:48
I would also suggest that there is no need to wrap it in a macro call as it is a simple one line statement. – Robert Penridge Apr 22 '11 at 18:18

This will work inside or outside of a macro. Don't forget %sysfunc() has a handy optional second parameter which will let you format the output value.

%let report_date = %sysfunc(sum('01JAN2011'd),best.);


%let report_date = %sysfunc(putn('01JAN2011'd,best.));

Cheers Rob

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It is handy to have a pair of simple conversion macros like mine below. See also my sas-l posting.

%macro date2num(date, informat=anydtdte.);
  %*-- strip quotations and postfix d from date literal if any. --*;
  %*-- quotations are intentionally doubled to prevent unmatched error --*;
  %let date=%sysfunc(prxchange(s/[''""]d?//i,-1,&date));
%mend  date2num;

%macro num2date(num, format=date10., literal=1);
  %local n;
  %let n = %sysfunc(putn(&num,&format));
  %if &literal %then "&n"d; %else &n;
%mend  num2date;
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Or... as I suggested above. You could just learn to you the %sysfunc and intnx functions. Macros like these do not help you when you move from job to job or deal with other people's code so I think it's better to avoid them. Plus if everyone had their own macro wrappers for simple functions you would never be able to remember all of the macro names anyway. – Robert Penridge Apr 25 '11 at 23:01

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