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I need help on implementing an interprocess communication mechanism between JavaScript and C++ code. Basically I need to make a bidirectional communication. So JavaScript should be able to send and receive message from C++ (Win 32) code and vice versa.

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You will need to give some more info on what you want to do. How is the js to be executed in a browser, shell script, embedded interpreter? Are they on teh same machine, same network? Does it need to handle firewalls? – vickirk Apr 21 '11 at 8:19

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I presume you are doing this on a Windows OS. Does any kind of IPC help or are you specific on anything? Try named pipes; or shared memory with a sync object; or try a common file system memory, such as a binary file with a sync object to access it (although this is not recommended but is sure an option). You may also create COM objects / ActiveX controls and access this from JavaScript (browser).

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You should look at Google's V8 JavaScript runtime, which powers their Chrome browser, it is implemented in C++. JSON libraries will simplify de/serialization.

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If you have the option of using Qt, I strongly recommend it. It's comprehensive and well tested. QtScript module. QtScript is a superset of javascript. The implementation uses Webkit's javascript core.

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Qt contains the QtScript module, which is a native C++ implementation of JavaScript. I've used this successfully to script a C++ application, with communication in both directions.

If you're curious, the code is part of my HP 15C simulator project.

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