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I have a sentence like My email address is xxxx@xxx.xxx.

My java regExp is ".+?[\.\?\!]+" This regExp sees two sentences My email address is xxxx@xxx. and xxx.

How do i modify my regExp so it wouldn't count email dots as a sentence end?

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You can't reliably. Consider this example:

My email is someone@subdomain.com.hi!

Is the email someone@subdomain.com.hi or just someone@subdomain.com?

The only thing you can do is, if your texts are written by literate people, detect a sentence ending as one of ., ?, ! (or maybe other) plus some space.

And now to ruin all hope. What about this text? How many sentences does it have?

He shouted "Freeze!", and then pulled out his gun.

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With proper writing, that is - leaving space after each punctuation mark, you can look for each \.\s

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Decide what constitutes the end of a sentence, I'd probably use a '.' followed by space, tab or end of line.

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I'll do that? thanks –  Dennis Apr 21 '11 at 8:58
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Actually I am not clear about your question. If you are looking for a regular expression for detecting valid e-mail address use this.



  • name@gmail.co.uk
  • name1.name2@gmail.com
  • name1_name2@hotmail.co.ir
  • etc.
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