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I have a template in my page

<script id="tmplUser" type="text/x-jquery-tmpl">
      <td><input type='checkbox' /></td>
      <td><img src="images/red_icon.png" name ='removeUser'/>

I have wrritten the click event handler for the remove user image button in one model. so in that click event I want the selected email of user. How to get that?


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This is how I might approach the issue. Using a delegated click event I find the closest row to the clicked image and get the second table cells text value. You could improve this by adding a class to the email cell just in case you decide to add other columns before the email column.

$('img[name="removeUser"]').delegate('table', 'click', getEmailAddress);

function getEmailAddress() {

  var emailAddress =  $(this).closest('tr').children(':eq(1)').text();

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