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is there any handler to catch an error when including / loading a js file?

I am looping through an array and appending a the scripts into my head. is there any way I can see if the included JS file has an error ( ergo then I could get rid of the include sequence headaches, just looping through an array of js files that didnt load 5 or so times or evenby grabbing the files that gave errors, maybe handling them, figuring out why they broke, then including them again)

var incFile=[

//This can be extended to include css files aswell

//Dynamic Js file loading                               
loadJsFile = function(filename){
    var fileref=document.createElement('script');
    fileref.setAttribute("src", "js"+filename);

//The loop to include java files
for (var f=0;f<=incFile.length-1;f++){
var path = "";
var split = incFile[f].split(".");
//Build the relative path
for(var s=0;s<=split.length-1;s++){
    path +=  "/"+split[s];
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You can use the onerror event on the document object, window object, or wire up the onerror event on the "fileref".


In your case you would just need to modify your code to the following:

fileref.onerror = myerrorhandler;

function myerrorhandler(){
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